Fusion109 Radio is a hobby radio station, but we do have some pretty cool gear we use for the station.

Backend Infrastructure

We have a dedicated Ubuntu Server in a Canadian data-center that broadcasts our signal worldwide. We found that having a dedicated “broadcaster” is the only way to ensure that you are getting the best quality stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On this backend, we run an open-source package called Azuracast, which does most of the heavy lifting for us broadcasting our various playlists and shows to both Shoutcast and Icecast at FM Radio quality. This server box is dedicated to this and doesn’t even host our website.

We use WordPress for our website, hosted on our Website Server also running Ubuntu Server & Apache Web Server. We use this machine to not only host our website, but also runs our widgets and applications related to the station.

Frontend Gear

On the front-end, we use RadioDJ for most of our live shows, running on Windows and taping into our massive online music database that we use for the station.

Here at FusionHQ we have a mini-studio running a Beringer 8-port stereo mixer, with Fender Monitor speakers & two Shure microphones on desktop stands. Through the board, we are able to mix live music, or let RadioDJ play and mix the music for us. We use this same setup for our sweepers and promos, recording all of the pieces into Tracktion where we do the final mixdown. We also use an open-source product called Audacity for some of our simpler mixdowns.

We encode all of our music down from full CD Quality using the LAME application to broadcast 128Mbps MP3.


Our full library of music is available at higher bit rates so we don’t rule out a station using HQ Hi-Def Audio in the future.