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New Music / New Music Added Sept 2017
« Last post by fusionhq on September 26, 2017, 08:02:31 pm »
We've provided a mini update of new music and shuffled the categories a little. More new music to be added next week, but here is what's just been given the green light:

Anguere - NOIA
As I May - Hero
Ben Bltzukker - Six Sec Sex (Cover)
Cradle of Haze - Alphatier
Firesphere - Behind These Eyes
Firesphere - Fate
Johannes Maria Knoll - The Fall of Man

Stay tuned for more additions in a week or so.

Feedback & Wishlist / Enhanced Request System
« Last post by fusionhq on September 26, 2017, 12:51:05 pm »
We use a generic requesting system by one of our "out-of-the-box" solutions. It does the job, but it doesn't allow for "per user" limits and or IP filtering. But before you think its completely unprotected (if you are a hacking type), I can ban IP addresses.  What I would like to see in the future however is the ability to allow for requests from MORE people and queue them up so that more people can participate in requesting music. I'd also like to see imposed a limit on the number of times a single song can be requested, especially from the same IP address and/or user.

I understand when you can't get a song out of your head and you want to hear it as many times as possible, but its really not what the request system is designed for, not to mention the logs reveal I am dangerously close to playing certain songs TOO MUCH in contradiction with my broadcasting license. The "RadioGhetto" solution I am now working on will help make this system more fair for users, encourage more participation, and finally to get a better balance between requested and scheduled content.

Your comments are welcome below.

Online Support / ***READ FIRST*** Connecting to the Stream: TCP Ports
« Last post by fusionhq on September 26, 2017, 12:43:59 pm »
One of the most common issues when listeners cannot connect to our station is because the port it uses is being blocked by a firewall. Any open port on your computer can put your computer at risk, so many firewall systems will close all the ports that are not absolutely necessary. Internet Radio relies on different ports to broadcast several stations from the same server, so usually the default setup is using a port above 1024. If you are unable to connect, there are two suggestions I can make here:

  • Try our player in your browser. Click on the "Listen Now" button on our homepage and a lot of times your browser will make the connection using the browsers port (port 80) and you will hear our stream. However, some firewalls are able to detect that the stream is actually being forwarded from a different port and will block it. If this doesn't work, then try the next item.
  • As this is becoming a more common issue in today's world of viruses and malicious code, we have activated with one of our streaming providers and listening proxy. Bascially, what this allows is that you can connect with your regular music player and it will grab our stream from port 80 (the most common port for your Browser and almost always unlocked). Click to listen via the proxy server or click the last playlist button on the right of the main website screen (looks like a door).
  • For most players, if you download this playlist file from our downloads section, it will play in most situations, the last entry also will attempt to use the proxy stream (in step 2 above).

By following one of these steps, it will solve almost 90% of your issues connecting -- but if you are still having trouble, please contact us and we will do our best to get you rockin' to our stream.
Fusion109 Shows / ATTN: Station Presenters
« Last post by fusionhq on July 20, 2017, 02:48:33 pm »
Got a great idea for a show on our station?
Always wanted to be a Station Presenter?
Perhaps you are already one and want your own show?

Contact us to get started today. It would be our pleasure to help you get started and give you a taste of what being a DJ/Station Presenter is all about. And if you are an experienced presenter, why not help us make this station great?  Contact me via this board or email me at -- I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Fusion109 is committed to being a Hard Rock/Metal Radio Station.
Shows of other genre's will not be accepted at this time.
Thank you for your understanding.

- FusionHQ
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