All I can say is… WOW!  The last few days have been huge for our listener base. Almost a 50% increase in both the 7-day and 14 day trend, and its resulting in almost 50% for the 30-day! Thank you so much for making Fusion109 Radio a part of your day and listening to us! It makes it all worth while when we see numbers like this when we’ve really only been re-launched less than two months ago.

Our overall listeners are set to double at months end which is just an amazing result since our re-launch. We are almost back to levels we saw before our hiatus, and I’m convinced now that we will pass those numbers in record time. Thanks again for spreading the word about us, and keeping it tuned into our Vancouver Island station. We would be excited to hear from you on our contact page if you have suggestions or comments. Rock On!!


 – FusionHQ