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10 Years - From Birth To BurialRequest
10 Years - VampiresRequest
10 Years - MiscellaneaRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - Assassins Of The LightRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - Black SpireRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - Demon's BladeRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - Forest KingRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - God Of The Cold White SilenceRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - Infinite LegionsRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - Night MaraudersRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - Rejoice In The Fires Of Man's DemiseRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - The Goatriders HordeRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - The Great Hall Of FeastingRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - The Hydra's TeethRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - Through The Horned GateRequest
3 Inches Of Blood - Trial Of ChampionsRequest
9Electric - BeautifulPlayed Recently
9Electric - FilthyPlayed Recently
9Electric - GoodbyePlayed Recently
9Electric - I DiePlayed Recently
9Electric - LiesPlayed Recently
9Electric - Little ThingsPlayed Recently
9Electric - More MorePlayed Recently
9Electric - NakedPlayed Recently
9Electric - New GodPlayed Recently
9Electric - Take It AwayPlayed Recently
9Electric - The Damaged OnesPlayed Recently
9Electric - Toxic AngelPlayed Recently
A Breach of Silence - Falling AwayPlayed Recently
A Day To Remember - ParanoiaRequest
About 2 Crash - LiarRequest
Accept - Kill The PainRequest
Act of Defiance - ThrowbackRequest
Adagio - PromisesRequest
Adakain - Hey GirlRequest
Adelitas Way - Bad ReputationRequest
Adelitas Way - I Get AroundRequest
Adelitas Way - Still HungryRequest
Affiance - BohemianRequest
Affiance - Class DismissedRequest
Affiance - JerichoRequest
Affiance - Kings Of DeceitRequest
Affiance - Peace Of MindRequest
Affiance - Righteous KillRequest
Affiance - The CampaignRequest
Affiance - The CynicRequest
Affiance - ThresholdRequest
Affiance - We The MachinesRequest
Affiance - You Will Be ReplacedRequest
Agalloch - ...And The Great Cold Death Of The EarthRequest