Music Rotations

Fusion109 uses a music rotation formula similar to some professional radio stations where the typical lifecycle of a song goes through a progression, with each stage playing the song at different intervals. Considering the illustration at left, When new music is selected it is classified as 'E Rotation'. Each rotation has a formula which sets the frequency of when songs play from each of the rotation buckets. A typical track will move from E to A to B to C, then finally to the D or 'final bucket'. Songs play more frequently when they are in the A or Heavy Rotation bucket as opposed to the B or C buckets. D bucket is where all songs go when they have been through the rest of the rotations. Songs still play from this category but much less frequently. The frequency formulas are constantly being tweaked and refined to give you the best listening experience we can offer.

Less popular songs will sometimes skip the heavy rotations and skip to less played buckets, but for the most part its rare. This is where your votes come in -- if our Music Director sees a lot of down-votes for a particular song it will much more likely end up in the D bucket sooner than well trending songs -- so keep voting and vote often!!