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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I connect to the station?
This is by far the most common question we get asked. Before we get into troubleshooting, it is highly recommended that you try to use our custom "Fusion109 Popup Player" to listen to our station through our website. For the most part, if you can get audio through your browser, the player will work for you. An obvious exception to this is if you are connecting via a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Tablets and Smartphones are sometimes quite picky about the audio they are able to play, we have designed players for several popular smartphone formats. If you are connecting with a smartphone/tablet, use these to optimize your experience. The icons are listed below. If you are on the website, make sure you enable popups so your browser doesn't block us, and read on.

If you are connecting via our website: from left to right,
here are some of the media players you can use with each of the links:
  1. Winamp, Winamp-clones (ie. MediaMonkey), iTunes & VLC
  2. Windows Media Player, Groove Player (Win8+)
  3. Quicktime, or other Apple Computer based players (not iTunes)
  4. RealPlayer
  5. Port 80 Proxy (use this when none of the others work)
From your mobile phone, use our custom players by clicking on the icon corresponding to your smartphone/tablet:

We are currently working on a custom player for the Windows Phone Platform, but feel free to try any of the players above in the meantime.

The first playlist is the most common for most media players, so if in doubt, try that one first. If none of the "player" options work, try using the "Proxy Port 80" button on the far right. This should work if you are viewing this website, as it works through the common WWW port, port 80. The other options are slightly prefered however, as they will be slightly faster than a proxy server. If you are connecting with a slow internet connection, this could make port 80 connections too slow. We know of less than half a dozen users that have had strict firewalls and none of these options work, so this is very uncommon. Of these users, some have had success using the website/mobile app called TuneIn. You can connect to us there by clicking here, and while your there make sure you "like" us. :)

Do you air pre-recorded and/or syndicated programming?

The short answer to this is YES. If you have a regular show you produce or want to produce pre-recorded or syndicated please contact us with the details at There is a bit more flexability in the types of shows that we would air unless it is about music, then it must meet our genre. Entertainment and/or talk show programs will be considered.

Can you play my band on your station?

Fusion109 Radio is a Hard Rock/Metal streaming internet station. We play all varieties of this genre, however we don't deviate much from this market. That being said, if your band is considered in this category we would be happy to hear your original work and potentially add it to our music rotation. We play very few 'cover' songs, and will not play your jam sessions on YouTube. Your submission must make available high quality formats for encoding. FLAC or WAV files are accepted by not required. What works best (for sending online) is high-quality MP3/OGG/ACC files of a minimum bitrate of 256Mbps. And before you ask, we are aware that our stream currently streams at 128Mbps, but all of our music is of at least 256Mbps so that we don't rule out a high-quality audio feed in the future. We have compiled a quick-start guide to outline our guidelines. Thank you for your interest in being played on our station and we hope to hear from you soon. Knowing the requirements, use our Artist Portal or email us with your submissions.

The "Artist Info" for the player stopped displaying.

If your web player looks similar to what is shown at left, you can easily reset it by clicking on the Fusion109 logo at the top of the player. This will technically disconnect you breifly from the stream and connect you back again right away. Then the connection to our artist viewer is re-established and will work properly again. We are working on this intermittent problem, but it seems to be more related to client-side than a server issue. For now, click the logo and carry on.

What happened to the Listener's Club?

Our listener's club is being re-tooled, stay tuned.

Can I advertise on your station and/or website?

We would love to discuss potential sponsorship and/or advertising on our station and website. Fusion109 will never be a "commercial" enterprise, as we do not have a rate table or advertising packages. We are however open to the idea of teaming up with some select partners to help with operating costs. If you are serious about potential partnerships, please email us at to discuss details. We look forward to hearing from you.

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