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You can request a song anytime, day or night and it will be automatically slotted into the lineup when available. The timing of your request will depend on several factors including what show is currently airing, and how many requests are queued up ahead of you. Typically your request will play between 10-30 minutes of requesting it. Thank you for your interest.

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10 Years - Miscellanea request
10 Years - From Birth To Burial request
12 Stones - Anthem For The Underdog request
3 Inches Of Blood - Forest King request
3 Inches Of Blood - Demon's Blade request
3 Inches Of Blood - Night Marauders request
3 Inches Of Blood - The Goatriders Horde request
3 Inches Of Blood - Through The Horned Gate request
3 Inches Of Blood - Trial Of Champions request
3 Pill Morning - Electric Chair request
9ELECTRIC - The Damaged Ones request
A Breach of Silence - Falling Away request
A Day To Remember - Paranoia request
A Skylit Drive - Within These Walls request
About 2 Crash - Liar Lyric Video request
Accept - Kill The Pain request
Act of Defiance - Throwback request
Adagio - Promises request
Adakain - Hey Girl request
Adelitas Way - I Get Around request
Adelitas Way - Bad Reputation request
Adema - The Way You Like It request
Affiance - You Will Be Replaced request
Agalloch - In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion request
Agalloch - You Were But A Ghost In My Arms request
Aggressive Chill - Go Grey request
Airbourne - Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women request
Airbourne - Women On Top request
Airbourne - Blonde, Bad And Beautiful request
Airbourne - Armed And Dangerous request
Alesana - It Was A Dark And Stormy Night request
Alexisonfire - Accidents request
Alice In Chains - Man In The Box request
All That Remains - A Call To All Non-Believers request
All That Remains - Empty Inside request
All That Remains - No Knock request
All That Remains - This Calling request
All That Remains - Believe In Nothing request
All That Remains - Chiron request
All That Remains - Undone request
All That Remains - Faithless request
All That Remains - Tru-Kvlt-Metal request
All That Remains - Down Through The Ages request
All That Remains - Do Not Obey request
All That Remains - A War You Cannot Win request
All That Remains - Just Moments In Time request
All That Remains - Six request
All That Remains - Two Weeks request
All That Remains - What If I Was Nothing request
All That Remains - Forever In Your Hands request
All That Remains - Safe House request
All That Remains - Madness request
All That Remains - Halo request
Almah - Shade Of My Soul request
Alter Bridge - Show Me A Leader request
Amaranthe - Drop Dead Cynical request
Amaranthe - Afterlife request
Amaranthe - Automatic request
Amaranthe - The Nexus request
Amaranthe - Amaranthine request
Amaranthe - Digital World request
Amaranthe - That Song request
Amon Amarth - As Loke Falls (Amon Amarth has been played recently )
Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God (Amon Amarth has been played recently )
Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods (Amon Amarth has been played recently )
Amon Amarth - Blood Eagle (Amon Amarth has been played recently )
Amon Amarth - The Pursuit Of Vikings (Amon Amarth has been played recently )
Angels on the Battlefield - Beauty in a Body Bag request
Angels on the Battlefield - A Walking Plague request
Angels on the Battlefield - On the Wings of Dragons request
Angra - Nova Era request
Angra - Heroes of Sand request
Anthrax - The Devil You Know request
Any Given Day - Endurance request
Apocalyptica - I Don't Care (Feat. Adam Gontier) request
Arcane Roots - If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves request
Arch Enemy - No More Regrets request
Arch Enemy - You Will Know My Name request
Arch Enemy - We Will Rise request
Arch Enemy - Graveyard Of Dreams request
Arch Enemy - War Eternal request
Art Of Anarchy - Small Batch Whiskey request
Art Of Anarchy - Echo Of A Scream request
Art Of Dying - Die Trying request
Art Of Dying - You Don't Know Me request
Art Of Dying - Torn Down request
Art Of Dying - Get Thru This request
Art Of Dying - Sorry request
As I Lay Dying - Anodyne Sea request
As I Lay Dying - A Greater Foundation request
As I Lay Dying - Through Struggle request
As I Lay Dying - Parallels request
As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth request
As I May - Ready To Meet Your Maker request
As I May - Ready To Meet Your Maker request
As Lions - Aftermath request
Ashes Remain - Keep Me Breathing request
Ashes Remain - On My Own request
Ashes Remain - Without You request
Ashes Remain - Right Here request
Ashes Remain - Unbroken request
Ashes Remain - Change My Life request
Asking Alexandria - Moving On request
Asking Alexandria - I Won't Give In request
Asking Alexandria - The Death Of Me request
At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul request
At The Gates - Blinded by Fear request
At The Gates - Legion (Slaughterlord Cover) request
At The Gates - Suicide Nation request
At The Gates - At War With Reality request
At The Gates - Into the Dead Sky request
Atreyu - Do You Know Who You Are request
Attila - Public Apology request
Attila - Middle Fingers Up request
Attila - Proving Grounds request
Audiotopsy - The Calling request
August Burns Red - To Those About To Rock request
August Burns Red - Ghosts (Feat. Jeremy Mckinnon Of A Day To Remember) request
August Burns Red - Fault Line request
Avatar - The Great Pretender request
Avatar - The Eagle Has Landed request
Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive request
Avenged Sevenfold - Welcome To The Family request
Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away request
Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God request
Avenged Sevenfold - Second Heartbeat request
Avenged Sevenfold - Beast And The Harlot request
Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife request
Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare request
Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions request
Avenged Sevenfold - Beast And The Harlot request
Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country request
Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy request
Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim request
Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage request
Awaken I Am - Divisions request
Bad Seed Rising - What Have We Done request
Baroness - Swollen And Halo request
Baroness - Shock Me request
Battlecross - Force Fed Lies request
Battlecross - Never Coming Back request
Battlecross - Absence request
Be'lakor - Roots To Sever request
Beartooth - Aggressive request
Beartooth - The Lines request
Beartooth - In Between request
Biters - Stone Cold Love request
Black Label Society - Spoke In The Wheel request
Black Label Society - Darkest Days request
Black Label Society - Lords Of Destruction request
Black Label Society - Suicide Messiah request
Black Label Society - Bridge To Cross request
Black Label Society - Crazy Horse request
Black Label Society - Bleed For Me request
Black Label Society - Stillborn request
Black Label Society - In This River request
Black Label Society - Angel Of Mercy request
Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots request
Black Sabbath - N.I.B. request
Black Sabbath - Paranoid request
Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave request
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath request
Black Sabbath - Changes request
Black Sabbath - War Pigs request
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath request
Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf request
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell request
Black Sabbath - Iron Man request
Black Sabbath - God Is Dead request
Black Stone Cherry - Hell And High Water request
Bleeker - Highway request
Blinded Colony - My Halo request
Blood Of Angel - Odins Revenge request
Bloodline Riot - Letting Go request
Bobaflex - I'm Glad You're Dead (Bobaflex has been played recently )
Bobaflex - A Spider In The Dark (Bobaflex has been played recently )
Bobaflex - Chemical Valley (Bobaflex has been played recently )
Breaking Benjamin - Without You request
Breaking Benjamin - Failure request
Breaking Benjamin - Breath request
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow request
Breaking Benjamin - Anthem Of The Angels request
Breaking Benjamin - Had Enough request
Breaking Benjamin - What Lies Beneath request
Breaking Benjamin - Evil Angel request
Breaking Benjamin - Fade Away request
Breaking Benjamin - Unknown Soldier request
Breaking Benjamin - Forget It request
Breaking Benjamin - The Diary Of Jane request
Breaking Benjamin - Saturate request
Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous request
Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign request
Breaking Benjamin - Here We Are request
Breaking Benjamin - Until The End request
Breaking Benjamin - Angels Fall request
Breaking Benjamin - Hopeless request
Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away request
Breaking Benjamin - Ashes of Eden request
Breaking Benjamin - Away request
Bridge To Grace - Everything request
Bring Me The Horizon - Happy Song request
Bring Me The Horizon - Throne request
Bring Me The Horizon - Anti-Vist request
Bullet For My Valentine - Waking The Demon request
Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire request
Bullet For My Valentine - Venom request
Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall request
Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire request
Bullet For My Valentine - Road To No Where (Bonus Track) request
Bullet For My Valentine - Eye Of The Storm request
Bullet For My Valentine - You Want A Battle (Here's A War) request
Bullet For My Valentine - Forever & Always request
Bullet For My Valentine - Don't Need You request
Butcher Babies - Igniter request
Butcher Babies - Magnolia Blvd. request
Butcher Babies - They're Coming To Take Me Away (Napolean Xiv) request
Butcher Babies - Never Go Back request
Cauldron - Queen Of Fire request
Celldweller - Switchback request
Charm City Devils - Shots (Radio Version) request
Chevelle - The Clincher request
Chevelle - Joyride (Omen) request
Children Of Bodom - Not My Funeral request
Children Of Bodom - Pussyfoot Miss Suicide request
Children Of Bodom - All Twisted request
Children Of Bodom - Morrigan request
Children Of Bodom - Cry of the Nihilist request
Children Of Bodom - Mask Of Sanity request
Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper request
Children Of Bodom - Halo Of Blood request
Children Of Bodom - Northern Comfort request
Children Of Bodom - Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming) request
Children Of Bodom - NorthpoleThrowdown request
Coal Chamber - Suffer In Silence request
Coldrain - Gone request
Corrosion Of Conformity - On Your Way request
Crash Midnight - 151 request
Crimson Shadows - Heroes Among Us request
Crown The Empire - Zero request
Dance Gavin Dance - On The Run request
Dark Tranquillity - Lost to Apathy request
Darkest Hour - The Great Opresser request
Darkest Hour - Anti-Axis request
Dead by April - Angels of Clarity request
Dead By April - Warrior request
Deaf Havana - Fever request
Decyfer Down - Dead Skin request
Ded - Anti Everything request
Deftones - Around The Fur request
Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) request
Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It) request
Demon Hunter - The Last One Alive request
Demon Hunter - Cold Winter Sun request
Demon Hunter - Half As Dead request
dEMOTIONAL - Brother request
Dethklok - Awaken request
Dethklok - Hatredcopter request
Dethklok - Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle request
Dethklok - Thunderhorse request
Dethklok - Murmaider request
Device - Close My Eyes Forever (Feat. Lzzy Hale) (Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne Cover) request
Devil You Know - Seven Years Alone request
Devildriver - The Appetite request
Devour The Day - Faith request
Devour The Day - Lightning In The Sky request
Dinosaur Pile-Up - Friend Of Mine request
Disarmonia Mundi - Process Of Annihilation request
Disturbed - Stupify request
Disturbed - Another Way to Die request
Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence request
Disturbed - Divide request
Disturbed - The Vengeful One request
Disturbed - Stricken request
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists request
Disturbed - Voices request
Disturbed - Indestructible request
Disturbed - Inside The Fire request
Disturbed - Droppin' Plates request
Disturbed - Leave It Alone request
Disturbed - Meaning of Life request
Disturbed - Down With the Sickness request
Disturbed - Land Of Confusion request
Disturbed - Immortalized request
Divitius - Lucid request
Dope - Everything Sucks request
Dope - Debonaire request
Doro - All We Are request
Dragonforce - The Game request
Dream Theater - The Glass Prison request
Drowning Pool - Reminded request
Drowning Pool - Bringing Me Down request
Drowning Pool - Sinner request
Drowning Pool - All Over Me request
Drowning Pool - Mute request
Drowning Pool - Bodies request
Drowning Pool - By The Blood request
Dry Kill Logic - With Deepest Regrets... request
Dry Kill Logic - One Handed Knife Fight request
Dry Kill Logic - The Perfect Enemy request
Dry Kill Logic - Neither Here nor Missed request
Dry Kill Logic - As Thick as Thieves request
Dry Kill Logic - Paper Tiger request
Earthside - Mob Mentality request
Econoline Crush - Affliction request
Econoline Crush - Pssyche request
Econoline Crush - Nowhere Now request
Edge Of Sanity - Crimson request
Egypt Central - Down In Flames request
Eli van Pike - Made in Germany request
Eli van Pike - Made in Germany request
Eluveitie - Inis Mona request
Emigrate - Eat You Alive request
Engel - Feed The Weak request
Ensiferum - Victory Song request
Enslaved - Building With Fire request
Enslaved - One Thousand Years Of Rain request
Enslaved - Thurisaz Dreaming request
Enslaved - Daylight request
Enslaved - In Times request
Enslaved - Nauthir Bleeding request
Entombed - Returning to Madness request
Epica - Edge Of The Blade request
Escape The Fate - Alive request
Evanescence - Disappear (Bonus Track) request
Evanescence - Never Go Back request
Evanesence - Going under request
Evans Blue - Halo request
Evans Blue - The Forgiver request
Evans Blue - Bulletproof request
Eve To Adam - Lucky request
Eve to Adam - Tongue Tied request
Every Time I Die - Glitches request
Exes For Eyes - Tongues Like Figure Eights request
Exes For Eyes - Bleed The Stone request
Exodus - Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage request
Exodus - Salt The Wound (Feat. Kirk Hammett) request
Exodus - Collateral Damage request
Failure Anthem - Paralyzed request
Falling In Reverse - God, If You Are Above... request
Falling In Reverse - Just Like You request
Falling In Reverse - Loser request
Fear Factory - Replica request
Fear Factory - Regenerate request
Fear Factory - Protomech request
Finger Eleven - Paralyzer request
Finger Eleven - One Thing request
Finger Eleven - Gods Of Speed request
Fire From The Gods - Excuse Me request
First Decree - Stop request
Five Finger Death Punch - Far From Home request
Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company request
Five Finger Death Punch - Under And Over It request
Five Finger Death Punch - Anywhere But Here (Duet With Maria Brink) request
Five Finger Death Punch - Never Enough request
Five Finger Death Punch - Jekyll And Hyde request
Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away request
Five Finger Death Punch - Burn MF request
Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven request
Five Finger Death Punch - Coming Down request
Five Finger Death Punch - 100 Ways To Hate request
Five Finger Death Punch - Battle Born request
Five Finger Death Punch - The Bleeding request
Five Finger Death Punch - House of The Rising Sun request
Flaw - Do You Remember request
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Epilogue request
Flying Colors - Mask Machine request
Flyleaf - I'm So Sick request
Flyleaf - Fully Alive request
Footprints in the Custard - Party Metal request
For Today - Molotov request
Fozzy - Lights Go Out request
From Ashes To New - Through It All request
From Ashes To New - Lost And Alone request
Gemini Syndrome - Mourning Star request
Gemini Syndrome - Pleasure And Pain request
Gemini Syndrome - Eternity request
Gemini Syndrome - Remember We Die request
Ghost Season - Break My Chains request
Ghost Season - Break My Chains request
Gideon - Cursed request
Giraffe Tongue Orchestra - Adapt Or Die request
God Forbid - My Rebirth request
Godsmack - Inside Yourself request
Godsmack - What's Next request
Godsmack - Something Different request
Godsmack - I Stand Alone request
Godsmack - Speak request
Godsmack - I Fucking Hate You request
Gojira - Oroborus request
Gojira - Toxic Garbage Island request
Gojira - Vacuity request
Gojira - Backbone request
Gojira - The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe request
Gorguts - An Ocean Of Wisdom request
Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle request
Guns N' Roses - Civil War request
Guns N' Roses - November Rain request
Guns N' Roses - Patience request
Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry Original Version request
Guns N' Roses - Paradise City request
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine request
Gus G. - Burn request
Halestorm - Mayhem request
Halestorm - You Call Me a Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing request
Halestorm - Here's To Us request
Halestorm - I Hate Myself For Loving You request
Hammerfall - Always Will Be request
Hammerfall - The Fallen One request
HammerFall - Punish and Enslave request
Hands Like Houses - Colourblind request
Hardcore Superstar - Don't Mean Shit request
Hardcore Superstar - Here Comes That Sick Bitch request
Hardcore Superstar - She's Offbeat request
Hardcore Superstar - You Know Where We All Belong request
Hardcore Superstar - Dreamin' in a Casket request
Hardcore Superstar - Simple Man request
Hasta La Muerte - Pour Anotha Shot request
Haste The Day - Take request
Have Mercy - Good Christian Man request
Heartist - Skeletons request
Heartist - Ignite request
Heaven Shall Burn - The Loss Of Fury request
Hellyeah - Soul Killer request
Hellyeah - Moth request
Hellyeah - Cowboy Way Explicit request
Hellyeah - Goddamn request
Hellyeah - Star request
Hellyeah - Scratch A Lie request
Hellyeah - Human request
Hellyeah - Better Man request
Hellyeah - Alchaulin' Ass request
Hellyeah - Hellyeah request
Hellyeah - Drink Drank Drunk request
Hellyeah - Hush request
Hellyeah - Live Or Die request
Highly Suspect - Bloodfeather request
Hinder - Rather Hate Than Hurt request
Hinder - Homecoming Queen request
Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead request
Holy Grail - The Great Artifice request
Holy Grail - Crisis In Utopia request
Holy Grail - Call Of Valhalla request
I Prevail - Crossroads request
I Prevail - Blank Space request
I Prevail - Scars request
I See Stars - Running With Scissors request
Icy Steel - As The Gods Command (Pt.2) request
In Dying Arms - Blackwater request
In Flames - Ropes request
In Flames - Land Of Confusion request
In Flames - The End request
In Flames - The Truth request
In This Moment - Adrenalize request
In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf request
In This Moment - Whore request
In This Moment - The Promise request
In This Moment - Blood request
In This Moment - The Gun Show request
Incubus - Anna Molly request
Inglorious - Read All About It request
Iron Maiden - 22 Acacia Avenue request
Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light request
Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name request
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast request
Iron Savior - Heavy Metal Never Dies request
Iron Savior - After The War request
Islander - Bad Guy (Islander has been played recently )
Issues - King Of Amarillo request
Jasta - Chasing Demons (Feat. Howard Jones) (Feat. Howard Jones) request
Judas Priest - Living After Midnight request
Judas Priest - Turbo Lover request
Judas Priest - Nostradamus request
Kamelot - Falling Like The Fahrenheit request
Kamelot - Abandoned request
Kamelot - Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) request
Kataklysm - Carrying Crosses request
Khold - Til Endes request
Khold - Myr request
Kill It Kid - Blood Stop And Run request
Killinger - Illuminati request
Killswitch Engage - Hate By Design request
Killswitch Engage - In Due Time request
Killswitch Engage - You Don't Bleed for Me request
Killswitch Engage - Cut Me Loose request
King Diamond - Arrival request
Kittie - Charlotte request
Kobra And The Lotus - You Don't Know request
Korn - Rotting In Vain request
KoRn - A.D.I.D.A.S. request
KoRn - Dead Bodies Everywhere request
KoRn - Children of the Korn request
KoRn - Freak on a Leash request
Korn - Insane request
Kylesa - Unspoken request
Kyng - Electric Halo request
Lacuna Coil - Distant Sun request
Lacuna Coil - Heaven's a Lie request
Lamb Of God - The Duke request
Lamb Of God - Redneck request
Lamb of God - Overlord request
Leo Moracchioli - All About That Bass request
Leo Moracchioli - Sing request
Leo Moracchioli - Danger Zone (Feat. Eric Calderone) (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Bad Blood request
Leo Moracchioli - Scatman request
Leo Moracchioli - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Like A Virgin request
Leo Moracchioli - Cheap Thrills request
Leo Moracchioli - Firework (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Beat It request
Leo Moracchioli - Poker Face request
Leo Moracchioli - Hotline Bling (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Take On Me request
Leo Moracchioli - Smells Like Teen Spirit request
Leo Moracchioli - (Dont Fear) The Reaper (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Killing In The Name request
Leo Moracchioli - Stressed Out (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Livin' La Vida Loca request
Leo Moracchioli - I'll Be There For You (Theme From Friends) (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Moves Like Jagger request
Leo Moracchioli - Stitches (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Informer request
Leo Moracchioli - Sharp Dressed Man request
Leo Moracchioli - Money, Money, Money request
Leo Moracchioli - Redemption Song request
Leo Moracchioli - Gangsta's Paradise request
Leo Moracchioli - U Cant't Touch This request
Leo Moracchioli - Respect request
Leo Moracchioli - Elastic Heart request
Leo Moracchioli - Somebody That I Used To Know request
Leo Moracchioli - Stayin' Alive request
Leo Moracchioli - Sorry (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - The Power Of Love (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Bad (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Paparazzi (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Hey Jude request
Leo Moracchioli - Shake It Off request
Leo Moracchioli - Dark Horse request
Leo Moracchioli - Roar request
Leo Moracchioli - Eye Of The Tiger (Feat. Rob Lundgren) (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Rolling In The Deep request
Leo Moracchioli - Hello (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - No Limit request
Leo Moracchioli - Baby One More Time request
Leo Moracchioli - Greased Lightning request
Leo Moracchioli - Stay request
Leo Moracchioli - Barbie Girl (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Chandelier request
Leo Moracchioli - Vertigo request
Leo Moracchioli - Royals request
Leo Moracchioli - Gin And Juice request
Leo Moracchioli - Bang Bang request
Leo Moracchioli - Baby request
Leo Moracchioli - Fatty Boom Boom request
Leo Moracchioli - Let It Go request
Leo Moracchioli - Macarena request
Leo Moracchioli - Try request
Leo Moracchioli - Never Gonna Give You Up request
Leo Moracchioli - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go request
Leo Moracchioli - True Survivor request
Leo Moracchioli - Uptown Funk request
Leo Moracchioli - Lips Are Movin request
Leo Moracchioli - Black Night request
Leo Moracchioli - Song 2 (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Ghostbusters request
Leo Moracchioli - Anaconda request
Leo Moracchioli - Mambo No. 5 request
Leo Moracchioli - Titanium request
Leo Moracchioli - Aerials (Acoustic Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Bad Romance request
Leo Moracchioli - Radioactive (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Wrecking Ball (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Push It request
Leo Moracchioli - The Power Of Love request
Leo Moracchioli - Feel Good Inc. (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - The Wheels On The Bus (Metal Cover) request
Leo Moracchioli - Superstition request
Leo Moracchioli - Ice Ice Baby request
Letters From The Fire - Give In To Me request
Letters From The Fire - Worth The Pain request
Like A Storm - Become The Enemy request
Like A Storm - Love The Way You Hate Me request
Like A Storm - Wish You Hell request
Limp Bizkit - Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) request
Linkin Park - Battle Symphony request
Lita Ford (Ozzy Osbourne) - Close My Eyes Forever request
Lord - Against the Wind request
Lost In A Name - Cloaked In The Sun request
Love and Death - Lo Lamento request
Machine Head - Sail Into The Black request
Machine Head - Is There Anybody out There request
Machine Head - Vim request
Manafest - The Chase request
Manafest - Stones request
Marillion - Kayleigh request
Martial Law - Corrosive Decisions request
Mastodon - Blood And Thunder request
Mastodon - High Road request
Megadeth - Dystopia request
Megadeth - Trust request
Memphis May Fire - Carry On (Memphis May Fire has been played recently )
Meshuggah - Born In Dissonance request
Metal Allegiance - Gift Of Pain (Feat. D. Randall Blythe) request
Metallica - Unforgiven request
Metallica - Hardwired request
Metallica - One request
Metallica - Battery request
Metallica - Enter Sandman request
Meytal Cohen - Killing Time request
Mike Milan Dedic - Energy request
Ministry - Palestina request
Miss May I - Shadows Inside request
Mnemic - Mechanical Spin Phenomenon request
Monolith - Monolith request
Moonspell - A Dying Breed request
Motion Device - Fearless request
Motionless In White - Dead As Fuck request
Motionless In White - Reincarnate request
Motionless In White - Break The Cycle request
Motionless In White - Unstoppable request
Motionless In White - 570 request
Motionless In White - Loud (Fuck It) request
Mtley Cre - Dr. Feelgood request
Mtley Cre - Kickstart My Heart request
Mudvayne - Not Falling request
Mudvayne - (K)now F(orever) request
Mudvayne - Pharmaecopia request
Mudvayne - Dig request
Mudvayne - Death Blooms request
Mudvayne - Internal Primates Forever request
Mudvayne - Scream With Me request
Mutiny Within - Lights request
My Darkest Days - Without You (Bonus) request
Never Say Die - Automatic request
Night Demon - Heavy Metal Heat request
Nightwish - Ever Dream request
Nightwish - Gethsemane request
Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful request
Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole request
Nine Inch Nails - Hurt (Quiet) request
Nine Inch Nails - Eraser (Polite) request
Nine Inch Nails - Ringfinger request
Noise Therapy - Losermagnet request
Noise Therapy - Down request
Nonpoint - Breaking Skin request
Nonpoint - Misery request
Nonpoint - In The Air Tonight request
Nonpoint - Divided.. Conquer Them request
Note to Self - Akrasia request
Nothing More - Here's To The Heartache request
Nothing More - Jenny request
Nothing More - This Is The Time (Ballast) request
Of Artistry - Polaris request
Of Mice & Men - Real request
Of Mice And Men - Never Giving Up request
One Less Reason - Break Me request
Opeth - Blackwater Park request
OTEP - Battle Ready request
OTEP - Sacrilege request
Otherwise - Soldiers request
Otherwise - Coming For The Throne request
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon request
Ozzy Osbourne - Road To Nowhere request
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train request
P.O.D. - This Goes Out To You request
Pain - Bye Dye request
Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone request
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell request
Pantera - Cemetery Gates request
Pantera - Heresy request
Pantera - I'm Broken request
Pantera - You've Got To Belong To It request
Pantera - Walk request
Papa Roach - Gravity (Feat. Maria Brink Of In This Moment) request
Papa Roach - Never Have To Say Goodbye request
Papa Roach - Falling Apart request
Papa Roach - Where Did The Angels Go request
Papa Roach - Help request
Parkway Drive - Bottom Feeder request
Parkway Drive - Romance Is Dead request
Parkway Drive - Vice Grip request
Parkway Drive - Wild Eyes request
Parkway Drive - Crushed request
Pelican - Deny The Absolute request
Periphery - Alpha request
Periphery - Omega request
Periphery - The Scourge request
Poets Of The Fall - Drama For Life request
Pop Evil - 100 in a 55 request
Pop Evil - Footsteps request
Pop Evil - Trenches request
Pop Evil - Ways To Get High request
Powerman 5000 - Free request
Poynte - Hold On (Poynte has been played recently )
Primordial - Babel's Tower request
Protest The Hero - NO STARS OVER BETHLEHEM request
Protest The Hero - The Divine Suicide of K. request
Protest The Hero - A Plateful of Our Dead request
Psycroptic - Cold request
Queensryche - Where Dreams Go To Die request
Rage Against the Machine - People of the Sun request
Rage Against the Machine - Fistful of Steel request
Rage Against the Machine - Down Rodeo request
Raunchy - Somebody's Watching Me (Rockwell Cover) request
Red - Darkest Part request
Red Sun Rising - The Otherside request
Red Sun Rising - Emotionless request
Riot - Born To Be Wild request
Rise Against - Ready To Fall request
Rise Against - Under The Knife request
Rise Against - Worth Dying For request
Saint Asonia - Live My Life (Saint Asonia has been played recently )
Saint Asonia - Better Place (Saint Asonia has been played recently )
Saliva - Superstar request
Saliva - Rx request
Scar Symmetry - Slaves to the Subliminal request
Scorpions - Tease Me Please Me request
Seasons After - Weathered And Worn request
Seasons After - Break To Survive request
Seasons After - Fighter request
Seether - Nobody Praying For Me request
Seether - See You At The Bottom request
Seether - Let You Down request
Separations - Dream Eater request
September Mourning - Eye Of The Storm request
September Mourning - 20 Below request
Sepultura - Arise request
Sevendust - Thank You request
Sevendust - Decay request
Sevendust - Death Dance request
Sevendust - Not Today request
Shadows Fall - Inspiration On Demand request
Shattered Sun - Hope Within Hatred request
Shinedown - State Of My Head request
Shinedown - Cut The Cord request
Shinedown - Asking For It request
Sick Of It All - Road Less Traveled (Sick Of It All has been played recently )
Sick Of It All - When the Smoke Clears (Sick Of It All has been played recently )
Sick Puppies - War request
Silent Civilian - Rebirth of The Temple request
Silverchair - Straight Lines (Radio Edit) request
Silverstein - A Midwestern State Of Emergency request
Sixx A.M. - This Is Gonna Hurt request
Sixxa.M. - We Will Not Go Quietly request
Sixxa.M. - Wolf At Your Door request
Skeletonwitch - Burned From Bone request
Skeletonwitch - Unending, Everliving request
Skillet - Don't Wake Me request
Skillet - Feel Invincible request
Skillet - Hero request
Skillet - Awake And Alive request
Slayer - Angel of Death request
Slayer - Altar of Sacrifice request
Slipknot - Duality request
Slipknot - People = Shit request
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone request
Slipknot - Goodbye request
Slipknot - Spit It Out request
Slipknot - The Heretic Anthem request
Slipknot - Killpop request
Slipknot - 'Til We Die request
Slipknot - Gently request
Slipknot - Surfacing request
Slipknot - The Negative One request
Slipknot - The Devil In I request
Slipknot - Psychosocial request
Slipknot - Sulfur request
Slipknot - Wherein Lies Continue request
Smashing Satellites - Gamblin' Man request
Soilwork - Distortion Sleep request
Soilwork - Exile request
Sonic Syndicate - All about us request
Sonic Syndicate - Denied request
Sons Of Texas - Baptized In The Rio Grande request
Spring Grove - Choking request
Stabbing Westward - The Thing I Hate request
Staind - The Way I Am request
Starset - Halo request
Starset - Let It Die request
Starset - Ricochet request
State Of Mine - Curtain Call request
Static-X - Bled For Days request
Stealing Eden - Too Late request
Stereoside - Apple Pie request
Still Remains - Avalanche request
Stitched Up Heart - Finally Free request
Stone Sour - 3030 150 request
Stone Sour - Bother request
Stone Sour - Zzyxx Road request
Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May request
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush request
Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing request
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song request
Stone Temple Pilots - Creep request
Suffocation - Sullen Days request
Suffocation - Cycles Of Suffering request
Sunflower Dead - Dance With Death request
Sworn Enemy - No Mercy request
Sworn In - A Song For The Nameless request
Sybreed - Doomsday Party request
Synaescope - The Illusion of Control request
Synaescope - The Illusion of Control request
System of a Down - Toxicity request
System Of A Down - Chop Suey! request
Tantric - Breakdown request
Testament - The Pale King request
The Agonist - Danse Macabre request
The Amity Affliction - Give It All request
The Amity Affliction - I Bring The Weather With Me request
The Bereaved - Zero Of The Day request
The Color Morale - Lonesome Soul request
The Dead Daisies - Make Some Noise request
The Family Ruin - Lets Go request
The Haunted - Eye Of The Storm request
The Last Vegas - Apologize request
The Letter Black - Fear request
The Offspring - Coming For You request
The Prodigy - Breathe Edit request
The Smashing Pumpkins - Zero request
The Story So Far - Distaste request
The Veer Union - Defying Gravity request
The Veer Union - I'm Sorry request
The Word Alive - Dreamer request
Theory Of A Deadman - Panic Room request
Theory Of A Deadman - Savages (Feat. Alice Cooper) request
Theory Of A Deadman - Angel request
Thousand Foot Krutch - Running With Giants request
Thousand Foot Krutch - Like A Machine request
Three Days Grace - Fallen Angel request
Three Days Grace - Human Race request
Three Days Grace - I Am Machine request
Three Days Grace - Break request
Three Days Grace - Painkiller request
Three Days Grace - You Don't Get Me High Anymore request
Three Years Hollow - For Life (Feat. Clint Lowery) request
Thrice - Black Honey request
Through Fire - Where You Lie request
Through Fire - Stronger request
Through Fire - Breathe request
Thy Majestie - Farewell request
Tomahawk - Stone Letter request
Trapt - It's Over request
Tremonti - Dust request
Tremonti - Another Heart request
Trivium - Villainy Thrives request
Trivium - Until The World Goes Cold request
Trivium - Silence In The Snow request
Unearth - Zombie Autopilot request
Unleash The Archers - Test Your Metal request
Vampires Everywhere! - Immortal Love request
Van Halen - Why Can't This Be Love request
Vicious Rumors - Chemical Slave request
VIMIC - My Fate request
Violent Revolution - Damaged request
Violent Revolution - Final Vow request
Volbeat - The Devil's Bleeding Crown request
Volbeat - Evelyn request
Volbeat - Still Counting request
Volumes - Feels Good request
We Are Harlot - Denial request
We Are The Catalyst - Delusion request
We As Human - Dead Man request
We As Human - Bring To Life request
We Came As Romans - The World I Used to Know request
While She Sleeps - Four Walls request
While She Sleeps - Silence Speaks (Feat. Oliver Sykes) request
Wilson - Right To Rise request
Witchcraft - Mr Haze request
Witchcraft - The Outcast request
Witchfinder General - Witchfinder General request
Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything request
Wolves At The Gate - Dead Man request
Wolves At The Gate - Asleep request
Wovenwar - All Rise request
Wovenwar - Lines In The Sand request
You Me At Six - Win Some, Lose Some request
You Me At Six - Room To Breathe request
Young Guns - Rising Up request
Youth In Revolt - The Broken request
Zac Brown Band - Heavy Is The Head (Feat. Chris Cornell) request

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