The Spud Goodman Show

“The Spud Goodman Radio Show is an intimate hourly visit with host Spud Goodman, his temporary permanent co-host Gerald Holcolmb and an army of extended family members. Spud also welcomes celebrity guests, non-celebrity guests, musical guests and just plain old guests. Topics covered will encompass whatever Spud decides to pull out of his butt that evening.”

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The Spud Goodman Show airs on Fusion109 Radio on Wednesday at 8pm Pacific Time!

Next Episode (updated on Monday’s):

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Air Date: Week of June 25, 2018

Station Break: 29:17

Topic: "The Affair Episode." The romance between Spud's Aunt Dorothy
and Chance the Intern is threatened when Spud learns of a
mysterious woman from Chance's past.

Guests: Neighborhood Deliveryman David Newell, and Actor Trevor Jackson

Musical Guest: Power Laces

Out of This World: Alien Abduction of Donald Trump