Listener's Club

Fusion109 happily accepts submissions from signed and/or unsigned independent artists. We are always looking for music that fits our format and creates a unique experience for our listeners. That being said, we do have some requirements if you are to submit your music to us:

  • Your music must match our Hard Rock/Metal Format. We do not deviate from our commitment to this genre.

  • Songs submitted must be original works.
    (we do play cover songs on occasion, but as a rule we do not accept them as submissions)

  • Electronic submissions must be equivalent to FM Radio Quality or better (minimum 128kbps MP3). Our preference is MP3 256kbps or better.

  • YouTube links are not music submissions, and will be rejected

Thank you for your interest in submitting your music. Please send your music/information to, or use our contact form so we can send you instructions on how to submit larger files or if you are having issues using the email system. We look forward to hearing your music.

Music Director
Fusion109 Radio