All That Remains – Everything’s Wrong

All that Remains releases “Everything’s Wrong” video from their “Victim of  New Disease” album. Frontman, Lebonte tells Revolver: “The video really captures the song’s meaning about how when something slips away, it can seem like the whole world has crashed down around you. Things that used to make sense no longer do. When something goes […]
Amon Amarth Debuts “Raven’s Flight”

Amon Amarth dropped a new song from the upcoming album in May (May 3, 2019). The album will be called “Berserker” and is available for pre-order now. This song isn’t quite as concept as their last album, and has got some great metal grooves going on. Enjoy the video!  
Nervosa Posts Live Video of “Raise Your Fist”

Nervosa, an up-and-coming trash metal band from Brazil fires up fans by posting a live video of their new song “Raise Your Fist”. They released the album last year, “Downfall of Mankind”. According to Metal Underground, the band spoke about their latest video drop: This is a protest song that talks about resistance and fighting, […]
Architects Premiere “Royal Beggars” LIVE!

During a live show in Hamburg, Germany in February (February 8, 2019), Architects chose to premiere the song “Royal Beggars” off their latest album “Holy Hell”! Architects are on the road starting in April with a bunch of US dates before going across the pond again for a summer European/UK tour.   Details of their […]
Dee Snider Debuts “Lies Are a Business”

Dee Snider released his next single from his solo effort called “Lies Are A Business”. The song is pretty typical Snider style (Twisted Sister), but its got a killer beat and has all the great elements to make it a great song. Well constructed metal songs NEVER get old. Enjoy.
Black Label Society – Spoke In The Wheel – on Piano!

So, any Black Label Society fan should know about the song “Spoke In The Wheel”. Its been released several times as an original (electric version) and acoustic version, and now before your very eyes, “Spoke In The Wheel” refreshed on the piano. Honestly, this song never gets old, and Zakk Wylde’s unique voice kinda fits […]
Hellyeah Previews “333”

HELLYEAH has released a video of one of the tracks off their yet to be titled last album to feature Vinny Paul.  The album is set to drop June 28th, 2019 — and if its going to be anything like this track — I think you’re gonna love it! Thanks for visiting Fusion109 Radio. Enjoy […]
I Prevail’s “Bow Down” Preview

I Prevail previews their new track, “Bow Down”. A lot of haters online over this one, but come the end of March we might just add it to the rotation here at FusionHQ. This track will be on their new album called Trauma, which will be released on March 29. Give ‘er a listen. 🙂
A7X LIVE at the LBC (2008)

One of the best Avenged Sevenfold concerts of all-time.
Queen AT LIVE AID (1985)

concertlivelive aidqueen

An undisputed classic live concert which was epic at the time, and epic now.