Welcome to Fusion109 Radio Network

You have reached Fusion109 Radio, an internet radio station broadcasting from British Columbia, Canada. Our website is jam packed with information, and station goodies to make your listening experience with us first class. Fusion109 is dedicated to the hard rock and metal genres of today and yesterday with very few exceptions. Independent artists are more than welcome to submit their material to us for consideration with the follow criteria: a) its original work; b) it can be provided as an MP3 file at a minimum bitrate of 128Mbps; and finally c) it could be classified as hard rock or metal. We do not play other genres (ie. pop, country, folk, etc). We’re excited to share this website with you and hope you enjoy browsing the various features and widgets. Use the “listen links” to start rockin’ out to our always live radio station while you browse. If you have any questions or comments, we are always here to help, drop us a line using our Contact Page.

Artist Royalty’s & Copyright
There has been a lot of media reports about artist royalty rights as of late. We are proud to report that we are fully licensed with the Canadian authorities regarding artist rights. Fusion109 Radio is fully licensed to broadcast to you legally & ethically. We regularly report our playlists just like all other legal radio stations in the country. We are passionate about music and musicians royalty rights. We hope you enjoy our station.

Development News
At FusionHQ, we are working on a couple of mobile applications for our little radio station. We will have an initial offering on the Android platform in a few months and we hope to quickly expand to the Apple, Blackberry and Windows brands from there. In the meantime, we are listed again on TuneIn, and they have lots of different application choices including mobile applications for just about anything imaginable. Get Started with a TuneIn app here.

Proudly Canadian!
We are proudly broadcasting from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Our streaming, website and email servers all are hosted within Canada’s borders which we think is pretty great. Fusion109 is as Canadian is it gets for an internet radio station, and we love it! We hope you do too.

The fate of our #nowplaying Twitter feed
Back in 2016, we were broadcasting our #nowplaying songs on a special twitter username @F109nowplaying. Twitter will be changing how we are able to push automatic updates to twitter feeds, which is going to essentially break our script which was providing this functionality. We’d like to look into getting this back up and running with the new rules eventually, but “we have bigger fish to fry,” so to speak. Its on our “bucket list”, but not a priority at the moment. Feel free to send me a message if you want to discuss this further, or if you are a developer and want to take something like this on for us. Thanks for your interest.

iTunes Radio
There were many of you who used to connect to our stream via iTunes Radio. When our stream changed, we seem to have lost our listing there. What makes matters worse is that iTunes Radio is not accepting any “new stations” anymore. We have reached out to Apple about possibly getting our old entry back up-and-running, but we have yet to get a response from our request. It seems at least at the moment that our future on iTunes Radio is in doubt.

Calling All Radio Personalities & Presenters
Are you interested in presenting a show on our station? We would love to hear your ideas and/or demos with your thoughts. Use our contact page to get in contact with us about your show ideas for yourself or even someone else! With your help we can make this station truly great!