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Our SCREAM-O Scale

Written by on May 29, 2020

We LOVE our Metal music, and sometime we just wanna scream along with our favorite band! But like most things we tend to stick with the familiar and crank up the songs we know to spark our anger streak, skipping potentially great, loud, screaming songs. Its this reason where we’ve created the SCREAM-O Scale. As far as we know this is pretty exclusive to Fusion109. You may notice that on our players and widgets, there is a small number beside many of the songs, this is the SCREAM-O Rating of the playing song.

The scale is between 0 and 5, where 0 is talking, or a ballad or something, and 5 is the heaviest, screamiest, rip-your-throat-out metal song!

Not only will you see what current SCREAM-O rating we are currently playing, you’ll be able to see songs on the request list according to their SCREAM-O level. So if you really fell like a 5 SCREAM-O song, you can choose one that fits that category, even if its new to you!

The opposite is also true, maybe you are in the mood for something softer. Maybe a ballad from an otherwise kick ass scream-o band — these songs would be rated lower, like maybe a 1 or a 2.

In addition to requests, we also use the SCREAM-O meter, to program our Morning Metal Madness show, where for two solid hours in the morning we play nothing but songs that are SCREAM-O 4 or SCREAM-O 5! You won’t be hearing any ballads during that show — that’s a guarantee!

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