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Artist Submissions

Currently, we are overwhelmed with submissions with over 60 bands to review, and more coming every day. We are excited to see so much interest, but please be patient as we complete the review process. Thank you for your understanding.

– Andrew, Music Director

We accept artist submissions from independent artists if it meets our genre criteria and is submitted at a minimum of 128kbps MP3. You can submit in any audio format you like, but we will have to convert it to 128kbps to play on the station, so the higher quality audio file, the better it will convert. You can send your music using links in our contact form, share a Dropbox Folder with us (using, or simply attach your music files to an email addressed to We really only have three rules when it comes to submissions, they are:

  1. MATCH OUR GENRE. Fusion109 is first and foremost a hard rock & metal radio station. If you don’t create music in this genre, we will not play your songs.
  2. NO COVER SONGS. We rarely play cover songs by independent artists. Our station is interested in artists of original works only.
  3. YOUTUBE LINKS ARE NOT SUBMISSIONS. Submitting only YouTube links will automatically be rejected by our Music Director. Send actual songs we can review matching the formats above. You can include YouTube links as part of your submission, but not if its the entire submission.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Fusion109 Radio