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Hard Trance
not deathcore
not metalcore
SIMILARFrom The Pawn , Bela Kiss , Alove For Enemies , The Burning Season , Anterrabae
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In the past few years, the heavy metal and hardcore genres have become saturated with what appears to be an endless supply of "metalcore" bands. Bands that have either forgotten about or grown ignorant of honesty, integrity, and a personal belief system; palatable foundations early hardcore/metal crossover acts were once built on. This recent trend in hybrid, aggressive music that is flooding the music scene has now taken the ideas of forward progress and introspective, insightful lyrics and turned them into ideals for musical success - predictable, formulated songwriting and "poems" that cannot seem to get past a broken heart.

Abeyance, with their Crash Music Inc debut, Experience is the Words that Are Written, is trying to bring back the integrity to a scene that has otherwise plateaued and become stagnant.

All success starts with sacrifice.

Forgoing promising educational pathways, dead-end day jobs, static, meaningless existences, and for some - deep, personal relationships, the intentions are clear for all five members of Abeyance: You've got one life. Opportunities don't always come knocking. Sometimes you've got to make your own. Throw caution and chase dreams. Either get in, or get out of the way.

Abeyance is from Long Island, New York, one of the most fickle and trend-following scenes in hardcore. They have risen to the top of many copycat local bands to become recognized and respected, and within two years, have been invited to play shows with many national acts. They have shown tireless dedication and fan support has catapulted them to where they stand now, among the ranks of the Island's top performances.

Experience Is the Words That Are Written is essentially an introspective observation of the human psyche, and explores the reasons and theories behind the choices we make that eventually lead us down our respective roads in life.

This is an album full of purpose, although cloaked in metaphorical prose; each song evokes a starkly cold, vivid image that begs the listener to look deeply within oneself. To explore other possibilities and eventually become "set free" of the idealistic chains that chafe and anesthetize their very being. Ultimately, Experience... tells a true-life story, which, true to life of course, is not necessarily pretty or fair.

Musically speaking, Experience... crafts its arrangements as an absorption and reflection of the last quarter century's underground influence and modern advances in progressive heavy metal and hardcore genres. All the familiar elements, and then some, are present: driving, odd-time rhythms and tempo changes, distorted guitars, insane riffs, and twisted melodies penetrating behind coarse vocals, spoken word, and melodic, pounding bass. Relentlessly brutal and at times, serene and beautiful passages are coupled together, complimenting one another, further exposing the bands dynamic tendencies and willingness to experiment. The Abeyance machine is a force to be reckoned with.
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Portrait of Mankind
03 Mine Are Sorrow And Redemption

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