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Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of discussions and questions about licensing for internet streaming radio. It can be a complicated process depending on where in the world you live and broadcast. Being from Canada myself, I can help navigate this world for other Canadians (or those broadcasting here in the Great White North). […]

Listen to Fusion109 Radio any time of day, on any device by using the TuneIn App! Just download thsi free app for your device and search Fusion109. Our station enjoys over 1,500 favorite bookmarks on TuneIn and it grows every day! You an listen on all of the popular home devices with no downloads, no […]

Fusion109 Radio is proud to announce that our application has been accepted into the National Association of Digital Broadcasters (NAdB). Our station is now fully recognized worldwide as: CFSN: Fusion109 Radio. Fusion109 has been broadcasting since 2015, and to be a part of this worldwide association is a great step for our little radio station. […]

Additions for June 1: Artist – Track Artist – Track Artist – Track Vote your favorite New Music tracks so they play more frequently on the station…

Fusion109 Radio finds Hard Rock & Metal music from around the globe, not just from our own backyard. We have found some amazing talent in many countries in Europe, Asia, South America and beyond! This page highlights the Top 10 Countries the bands we play are from. We are up to 30 different countries represented […]

We LOVE our Metal music, and sometime we just wanna scream along with our favorite band! But like most things we tend to stick with the familiar and crank up the songs we know to spark our anger streak, skipping potentially great, loud, screaming songs. Its this reason where we’ve created the SCREAM-O Scale. As […]