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Hittin' The Heavies 24/7

Fusion109 Radio Biography

Fusion109 Radio has been in operation since March 2015. The concept of this station goes back a lot further than that, having our formula tweaked and re-tweaked over and over again. Our beginnings were very much Metal with a few Hard Rock tracks thrown in for good measure. In those days were were discussed as a clone to SiriusFM's Octane. This comparison didn't upset us by any means, but when we are being compared as "exactly like" Octane, we didn't like that too much. We've developed our formula for years, and hope that it brings something unique to the online streaming radio game.

By 2016, we moved away from some of the more traditional Metal tracks and started playing more Hard Rock tracks. I know this change was difficult for some of our fan base, that enjoyed our more heavy metal sound. But in all seriousness, although Fusion109 has built itself on playing "heavy" music -- we like to include some really talented Hard Rock acts in our playlist that just couldn't be done if we stayed on the mostly Metal path.

Despite our changes and tweaks to our formatting, we've enjoyed steady growth. Month over month since our beginning we've experienced 10-15% growth! We've proudly reached over 150 countries world-wide and have regular listenership from North America, Europe and even some of Asia & the Middle East. Its been overwhelming the truly global scale that our station has reached!

Mid-2017 saw Fusion109 go off-the-air for several months. Life got in the way of our dedication to our station with several large moves and life changes; the station became static. Rather than continuing this way, we made the difficult decision to go off-air. It was hard. We had some very kind messages on Facebook and Twitter from our fans, that really touched our heart strings. It was refreshing to know our station was important to people and they cared about us. It was this support that made us vow to return as soon as we were able.

In March of 2018, we were determined to get back on-the-air. We started our twitter & facebook feeds back up and started reporting on various Hard Rock and Metal stories around the web. We started offering teasers about our return to some great support! April 1, 2018 we fired up the broadcast again and haven't looked back.

Remarkably, our loyal fan base came back... only 3 months after going back on the air and we were seeing numbers that we saw prior to going off-air. We are back - and this time to stay! Amazingly, by the end of 2018, our station surpased previous records and experienced higher growth than ever before! Its like our brief hiatus never happened and we are plowing full-speed ahead. I can't thank our incredible listeners enough for making our dream of this station a reality. We steadly grow, and we try and put more and more time into our station and our sound. We also love to hear from you about how we are doing, what you'd like to see, how we can improve. If you do have some ideas, please contact us about them.

Thanks for listening to Fusion109 Radio.

Andrew Winter

Fusion109 Radio has been licensed with SOCAN continuously from January 2015 to present,
and will continue to be a legally operating online radio station.