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Connection Problems

Webplayer Doesn't Play Stream

If you've launched the webplayer and the stream doesn't play, the most common issue is that your router/firewall does not allow connections to the broadcasting port. To fix this, you will need access to your router/firewall - this is usually for advanced users and should not be attempted if you do not understand how to open ports on your particular brand of router. For those inclined, Fusion109 broadcasts on ports 8000 & 9000.

Unfortunately, Fusion109 does not have a proxy server at this time to broadcast on the regular HTTP port. You can try using TuneIn to connect to our stream -- TuneIn uses different technology and may be able to get through your router/firewall setup. This issue is most common in offices and workplaces where strict IT policies exist.


We are currently working on getting a proxy server up and running for Fusion109 that will run on restrictive firewalls.
Stay tuned for more information as it happens.

Stream keeps cutting out or sounds garbled

Fusion109 Radio has carefully selected 128kbps bandwidth for our stream. This provides FM Radio quality sound and the lowest, most efficient bandwidth. If the stream is stuttering, stopping or garbling often -- its most likely your network conditions, meaning your internet connection is streaming too much information right now (ie. Netflix, Youtube, etc.) or in rare cases your internet connection is not fast enough. For example, some older 3G connections may have issues streaming at this bandwidth.

Do I Have to Listen on the Website?

No. Under the "Streaming Options" section you can download several playlists to play in your favorite player! The most common playlist for most players is *.m3u, but we also include playlists that will play on Mac-based players as well as others using non-M3U playlists. You still need an internet connection to listen LIVE, but you do not need to be on the website at all. You can also stream from some of our afffiliates using their cell phone apps - TuneIn, OnlineRadioBox, & ListenLive to name a few. We recommend TuneIn if you want a stable signal on your cell phone while in a vehicle or moving around.