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C F S N: Edmonton, AB
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Connecting To The Station (Stream)

The easiest way to listen to Fusion109 Radio is to use our WebPlayer, hit the PLAY button and start enjoying our stream in seconds! You can also listen to us using your favorite MP3 Player on your computer by downloading one of our pre-configured playlists. These will connect to our live stream but using Windows Media Player, WinAmp, VLC, or even iTunes! The choice is up to you. You can download these playlists in the following formats:

PLS Format (*.pls) | M3U Format (*.m3u) | XSPF Format (*.xspf)


In the vast majority of cases, you will be able to listen to our stream using our WebPlayer, or using one of our pre-configured playlists. Sometimes, if you are using a proxy server, or using a particularly restrictive firewall, these solutions may not work. If you fall into this category, we would love to try and troubleshoot with you so you can listen to our stream and enjoy our programming. Please let us know at info@fusion109.com if you are having trouble -- we'd be happy to help.

SSL Stream

A note regarding SSL streams. We have updated our playlists to include as the first connection point a secure SSL connection to our stream. This is the same stream that we use by default for our WebPlayer and our TuneIn Page Player. We provide in the playlists both SSL and non-SSL connections for legacy connections as well as new ones. If for some reason you need our secure server address exclusively to listen to us, click here.


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