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#trending Tracks takes the Top10 songs from your up/down votes for the last 14 days. We compile them to play back-to-back counting them down from 10 to Number ONE! Check out the show, airing Thursday's at 9pm Pacific Time! Vote often to ensure your favorites are played!

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#trending Top10 (last 14 days)

Current Top10 used for the #trending Tracks Playlist
Viva La Victoria
Under Your Scars
#3As I Lay Dying
My Own Grave
#5Motionless In White
Undead Ahead 2: The Tale Of The Midnight Ride
#6Parkway Drive
#7Of Mice
Taste Of Regret
#8Ozzy Osbourne
Under The Graveyard
#10Ice Nine Kills
Your Number\'s Up

#trending Top10 (ALL-TIME)

A running tab of the most popular tracks on our station.
#1Five Finger Death Punch
Inside Out (Radio Edit)
You'll Never Find Me
Staring Down The Barrel
Back To Life
#6Parkway Drive
Are You Ready
#8Ice Nine Kills
A Grave Mistake
#9As I Lay Dying
My Own Grave
Under Your Scars

Song Chart History

AIR DATE: January 9th, 2020
1-Five Finger Death Punch - Inside Out
2-Korn - You'll Never Find Me
3-Godsmack - Under Your Scars
4-N'Tribe - Staring Down The Barrel
5-Hellyeah - 333
6-Slipknot - Solway Firth
7-Demon Hunter - More Than Bones
8-Disturbed - Are You Ready
9-Parkway Drive - Prey
10-Godsmack - Bulletproof

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