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CFSN: Fusion109 Radio

Sources & Permissions

Fusion109 broadcasts mainstream and independant music legally and ethically to the public. Our station holds the appropriate licenses and are members in good standing with Canadian copyright authorities. Although we are not offically a member of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, we maintain a culture that supports their goals and ideals.

All images depicted on this website are used by permission, purchased for use, or are in the public domain. Band photos used on our Artist Pages are shown via the publicly available Spotify API, Last.fm API, or used by permission of the artists themselves. All logos depicted on this website are used by permission but remain the property of their respective copyright holders.

If you have any questions or concerns about something you've seen or heard on our website or radio station, please reach out to us at licensing@fusion109.com, and we will investigate. Thank you for enquiring about Fusion109 Radio and its licensing. Have a Great Day.

CFSN: Fusion109 Radio

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