Music Videos

2019-12-03 19:54:23
5FDP - Inside Out

Five Finger Death Punch gives up a preview of their upcoming album coming in February by releasing Inside out Lyric Video. Take a listen here!

2019-11-11 06:13:35
Bad Wolves - Killing My Slowly

New Bad Wolves is back down the heavier rock track that we've come to expect from them. Check out their latest single 'Killing Me Slowly'!

2019-10-02 16:23:09
HELLYEAH - Black Flag Army

he fifth song from their album 'Welcome Home' due to drop September 27, Hellyeah hits the mark again with 'Black Flag Army'! Hellyeah's new album should prove hard, heavy and LOUD! All of us at Fusion109 are excited to see this one finally hit shelves!

2019-10-01 16:23:09
As I Lay Dying - Blinded

Honestly we are loving new As I Lay Dying material.. Here's straight up stellar metalcore with 'Blinded'.. Album out September 20th!!!

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